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BC Adaptive Snowsports
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Canadian Adaptive Snowsports - National
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Membership Refunds

All purchases may be cancelled online before payment is made.

Once payment has been made, refunds will be issued if expressly requested by the owner of the subscription within:

CADS will provide refunds due to (i) individual health curtailments/ fit for sport claims at any time and/or, (ii) up to January 15th of the Snowsport season due to curtailment of program operations arising from provincial public health order(s) and/or mountain closure/ force majeure situation(s).

The refund will only be issued to the method of payment selected during your initial purchase of the subscription.

If you choose to cancel your subscription without expressly requesting a refund from CADS by e-mail, a refund will not be granted. Please send e-mail to

After the first 15 days of the most recent monthly term or 30 days of an annual term have elapsed, a refund will not be granted.

If you have specific questions or concerns please contact Caledonia Adaptive Snowsports at:

Caledonia Adaptive Snowsports
1105 Quaw Ave
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Unless indicated otherwise, delivery of goods and services will be at this address. Services delivered elsewhere would include events taking place away from the club.

Lesson and Program Refunds

Your lesson purchase is a contract between the you and Caledonia Adaptive Snowsports All purchases may be cancelled online before payment is made.

Once payment has been made you must contact the club president for refund. Refunds requested immediately after payment will not be unreasonable withheld.

For more information regarding refunds contact:

Some Purchases May Not Be Fully Refundable

In some cases a refund is not possible or the refund may be prorated. The amount of the refund can be affected by:


Donations are receipted immediately and cannot be refunded.

All questions regarding refunds should be addressed prior to purchase.